Plan a smart kitchen health & pocket wise

People say eating healthy can be a tedious and an expensive affair. Exotic ingredients, high quality food etc but in reality none of this is true. Healthy eating is all about changing your shopping habits before bringing a change in your eating habits. We are well aware of the brain storming behind it, so we thought; why not make the entire process time & money saving for you. This is how you begin…..

• Set a fixed monthly budget to be spent on food items & commodities as per the number of members in your family.
• From that budget, set apart a certain amount to be spent on dry stuff like sugar, oil, cereals, pulses etc.
• Divide the remaining budget into 4 for each week, to purchase all the perishable items such as fruits, veggies, dry snacks etc.
• Every week, before setting out for shopping, make a list of all the food stuff required for that week depending on your weekly schedule for example guests coming over or dining out etc.
• Avoid visiting a very fancy super mart, as it may tempt you to pick up unnecessary expensive & calorie loaded stuff such as chips, cakes, cookies etc.
• Always buy perishable food like fruits & vegetables in amounts just enough to last for the entire week or else it would be a waste of money for fancy garbage.
• Do not stock your kitchen with chocolates, sweets, cream biscuits, butter cookies as it could urge you to munch on, instead buy roasted snacks like soya nuts, granola bars etc.
• Eating leftovers is not a very healthy idea, so avoid cooking in excess.
• Do not buy frozen, pre- made meals as they are loaded with salt, sugar, chemicals & fat.
• Avoid taking your kids with you for shopping as you may land up spending a major chunk of your budget on unnecessary items like candies, sweets, chocolates etc.

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